Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is Bravo TV Stooping to a New Low? Pee Wee Herman as Guest Judge

I really enjoy watching the reality television show Top Chef on the Bravo TV network but after last night’s episode, I’m wondering if their business model needs some work. Or, is there some nerd guest programmer who is hurting this usually fun and interesting cooking show?

Last night’s guest judge was Pee Wee Herman. What Pee Wee knows about food is beyond me. He came (well rode his bike) into the Top Chef kitchen and the quick fire challenge was for the remaining competing chefs to make the best pancake ever!

Pee Wee tasted each and his response? “This is probably the best pancake I ever ate!” They can’t all be good on Top Chef dude. Ultimately, he made his choice and then it was on to the elimination challenge—again with a Pee Wee twist.

The premise here was to put the chef contestants on bikes (like Pee Wee I guess) and have them shop and then find a restaurant and ask the owners if they could use their kitchen to cook the meal and the Top Chef judges along with Pee Wee would determine how well they did. Again, what culinary expertise does Pee Wee have?

Actually, I get the heebie jeebies when I even look at this man! Isn’t he into porn or wasn’t he caught doing something related to exposing himself and down he went? If so, this is a stupid way to bring back Pee Wee’s career, especially if you love this show and the head judge Tom Colicchio and the very popular chef Emeril Lagasse. Somehow I don’t get the feeling Tom was having a good time—his responses to Pee Wee’s jokes and well, basically everything that came out of Pee Wee’s mouth either left a blank stare on Tom’s face or a forced smile.

Okay, help me here Bravo TV! I understand you’ve got all those “housewife” shows and somehow they are so popular that your audience is subjected to new city “housewives” almost every year. I think the latest is the Real Housewives of D.C. but don’t quote me on that.

I might not enjoy the “housewives” but there are other shows I like such as Tabitha Takes Over—she’s simply delicious to watch; her attitude is much like I’d like to  be when considering some of the people I’ve met and worked with and for over the years – Go Tabitha!

But, to put Pee Wee Herman on a show that has been so popular and is a serious competition!  Again, I think someone on the production team at Bravo had a little too much coffee the day this decision was made. Actually with Tom C. being an executive producer, I’m sure he had to be “talked” into it. If not, well Tom, I’m very, very sad.

Not sure what will happen next week, but if we see Boy George telling the chefs to prepare his favorite dish and asks them “Do you really want to hurt me,” I’ll be very afraid to turn the show on the week after that. In fact, next season might be a total wash for me.

Wake up Bravo—service your audience, not what some wonder boy in programming wants!


  1. I only watch this show occasionally, but I agree with you. If I turned it on and saw PeeWee Herman as the host, I would have switched it off immediately. As usual, good point of view my friend!

  2. PeeWee was at an adult movie theater that he thought was supposed to be an interactive experience. He was removed from a dark theater during this audience participation.