Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions Winners: What To Do with All That Money?

With $640 million buckaroos on the line in yesterday’s Mega Millions lottery it does make one wonder (a lot) about what they’d do with the money if they won. Almost everyone I know bought at least one ticket, I bought nine—why nine? Frankly I’m not sure!

The odds of winning were unthinkable to none but still someone does indeed have the winning numbers of 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the Mega Ball number 23. I didn’t have to stand in a line to buy my tickets and utilized the “quick pick” type of choosing allowing the computer to pick my numbers randomly.

My husband and I sat on our back porch last night, looking at the new trees we just had delivered and planted and I asked him: “What would you do if we had the winning ticket?”

Well, he said, I’d hire a private jet and take you, me and our six dogs to Alaska. I’d have a private shuttle van or limo there to take us to see our Grandson Gabe and then we’d simply drive around until we found a house with lots of acreage we could fence in—maybe even water access.

Yes, I urged him! This would be awesome! I too loved the idea of living in Alaska—preferably Wasilla so I could see my Grandson Gabe every, every day!

We talked about how we’d payoff our home in Austin and the home we own in Taos New Mexico. We’d hire professionals to pack up our personal stuff and only pack lightly on our private plane trip. Let the flunkies do it for us—no packing or lifting any boxes for us ever again!

It was funny how the idea was “perfect” for both of us, but after 22 years of marriage you sort of finish each other’s sentences and understand the likes, dislikes and habits of your mate.

Next came the talk about friends and relatives who are hurting financially and would we do anything for them? We both quickly said we’d do anything for “the boy” (our grandson—we did buy him a Hybrid Ford Escape when he was only 4 and  the license plate reads “4THEBOY”) and of course since he lives with our daughter, we’d throw lots of bucks her way. We’d also help my Mom—she lives in a condo in Phoenix. Heck we’d probably take her with us just so she could be my forever Scrabble partner and build her a guest house on our new property in Wasilla.

It’s hard to beat my 84 year old Mom at Scrabble but I would have the rest of her life to try! And, we could do it every day so my chances of winning would increase! We’d enjoy tiny sandwiches with no crusts and drink Mojitos all day long maybe! Or, maybe I’d just spike her coffee making my chances of winning even higher!

We’d buy snow machines and a boat—we’d need our own plane because in Alaska, that’s like owning a car for some folks.

Maybe we’d knock on Sarah Palin’s door and see if she wanted to go shopping or compare private jets. Or, maybe she'd show us Russia! If she wasn't home we could ask hubby Todd to point out Russia!

To all my readers, friends and family: What would you do if you were the $640 Mega Millions winner? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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