Monday, April 2, 2012

Bill Clinton Says Obama Will Be Reelected (But, He Doesn’t Get It Quite Right)

MSNBC online offered up a video of The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd (link below). Todd spoke with Luke Russert, a Capitol Hill correspondent, who interviewed former President Bill Clinton.

According to Clinton, President Obama will be reelected. Clinton points out a few reasons including:

More people perceive the economy is getting better and more people will vote in the 2012 election. He also went on to say “Americans are fair and will give you another chance.”

I guess the above claims by Clinton mean we Americans feel bad because all that hopey / changey stuff didn’t work, the economy is bad but we forgive you and yes, let’s go out in full force and vote, vote, vote—but excuse me, what did you do exactly again Mr. Obama?

Russert asked Clinton if the age group known as the Millenials will be able to get jobs due to the economic crisis our country is facing. His response? “The unemployment numbers are not the Millenials fault.”

I guess I agree with that—after all some were still in high school or college when this whole financial mess started. And, Obama did inherit some awful issues with his presidency—there’s no doubt about that but the ways he chooses to make them better isn’t working Mr. Clinton.

Obamacare to me is more like a “do it or else” plan which could hurt small business owners everywhere among other groups. While many are optimistic the Supreme Court won’t overturn Obamacare, I don’t think Obama will be reelected so I do think the new President will veto the entire plan—with the blessing of the House and Senate.

You can’t just blame Obama either. He was the chosen one by those who wanted him in office and once he didn’t kneel, bow and yield to their desires they abandoned him like a hot potato.

So, this junior senator from Illinois had to go it alone essentially and junior senators may not be qualified to handle the top job—especially when those who wanted him in office turned their backs on him.

I don’t expect the supporters of Romney or Gingrich or Santorum will abandon their candidates if they are elected. Why? Because as much as I hate to say this since I’m a Republican, the GOP these days are full of themselves and no matter who wins, they’ll be behind them 100 percent.

These supporters don’t want hope and “yes we can.” Instead they want actions that are conservative in nature but also want what most Americans are concerned with now—keeping industry here and getting our jobs back. In my opinion (as you well know) Obama and his Auto Task Force ruined the auto industry and just last night while watching 60 Minutes on CBS, I think Obama also ruined the lives of many NASA workers.

60 Minutes reporter Scott Pelley went to Brevard County Florida, the home of the Kennedy Space Center and since the shuttle program has been shut down, the entire county looks like a ghost town. People interviewed cried but were full of pride they live in America and are proud to be Americans but when homes are foreclosed upon and business are shutting down left and right, it’s hard to support the choice to end the shuttle program was a prudent one.

The Scott Pelley report also showed a stop by in Brevard County from Obama during his campaign where he promised NASA folks he wanted to save their jobs and utilize their expertise. If you watch him speaking to these folks, it’s almost like a 100 percent-sure-fire promise he’ll be there when they need him—that’s another “yes we can” item Obama found out he “couldn’t do” or “wouldn’t do.”

Of course there is that old Debt SuperCommittee that I feel could have been run better if NFL QB Peyton Manning would have been in charge. Since the committee couldn’t decide on what to cut in the budget, now there are automatic budget cuts which can’t be stopped. This means losses of things like the space shuttle program and who knows, maybe even cuts to funding food shelters for the homeless.

God forbid the government consider cutting political terms, benefits and spiffs. No, sorry folks, no can do!

I think the government would rather see the Post Office go under and force people to utilize places like FedEx or UPS instead of cutting salaries, terms and bennies.

I don’t think Clinton is right—Barack Obama will not win a second term. There are simply too many angry people who feel betrayed by him—even if most of the tragedies he inherited were not his fault.

Still, when you have the top job, you have to be accountable to those who elected you and when we are stuck with a President who appears to have no control and is full of broken promises, that accountability weakens—very, very fast.

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