Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Secret Service Wants Ted Nugent!

There are a few articles floating around the Web (check out Google News) on Ted Nugent’s trouble with the Secret Service based on comments he made about President Obama.

While speaking at a National Rifle Association Convention, Ted said, “If Barack Obama becomes president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Hmm? Is that a threat?

Did the Secret Service look at this as “yes I’ll be shot and jailed or killed because I’m coming after the dude?”  I’m pretty sure words like these aren’t the best choice to come out of your mouth Ted. Nugent is also known as the Motor City Mad Man (do mad insane people’s comments count?)

Well President Obama called singer Kanye West a “jackass” according to The Atlantic. Actually, Obama was defending singer Taylor Swift and his actual words on West were: “He is a jackass. But he’s talented.” Apparently at some awards show, West got  up on stage while Swift was receiving and award and made a fuss.

I realize these two comments from two very different men are extremely different in nature but don’t we live in the land of free speech?

Jeez, look at all the bad press President (G.W.) Bush got and what about President Ford and his stumbles and falls? What about that old Ted Kennedy joke: He can run (for President) even if he can’t drive? I mean people are outraged at Mitt Romney for strapping his caged dog to the roof of the car but what words are okay and which are taboo?

It’s Up to the Government

I guess to answer the question of non-allowed words you have to turn to the government and the Secret Service.

I wonder if I called them and asked:

“Hello, Agent One-Zero-One speaking.”

“Hi!” I’d say. “What are we not allowed to say about the President of the United States?” I’d ask.

“You may not threaten his life or his family’s life in any way,” replies Agent One-Zero-One.

“So, if I say I don’t like his hair cut that’s okay?” I ask.

“Yes Ma’am,” informs Agent One-Zero-One.

“If I call him the Auto Czar is that okay?” I ask.

“Yes Ma’am,” repeats Agent One-Zero-One.

“Thanks for your help!” I say.

“No problem Ma’am,” and Agent One-Zero-One hangs up.

Bad News for Ted

I guess if the above conversation actually occurred, it means bad news for Ted Nugent, because although I don’t planning on voting for President Obama, I do think the words Ted said count as a “threat” in a way.

Well, the Secret Service will indeed be interviewing Ted Nugent so we’ll have to wait and see, but I imagine he’ll just get a talking to on what’s allowed and what’s disallowed. Maybe he’ll be forced to apologize or go to a government jail for bad singers.

As for me, gotta run…someone’s at the door. I hope it’s not a Secret Service Agent! Oh wait, it is, but it’s okay, I’ve got some juice on him too—he’s with a prostitute. No worries!

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