Tuesday, May 1, 2012

American Crossroads “Cool” Anti-Obama Video Ad: Here We Go!

I was watching ABC’s The View and saw a political ad from American Crossroads and thought, here we go—again.

The ad commercial focuses on how President Obama is “too cool” and “a celebrity” and that we need to get back to the basics of government and forget about being approachable!

It also touts some statistics, but what political campaign ad doesn’t? It tells us how many college graduates can’t find a job and are in college loan debt. It also offers up the number of graduates moving back to live with their parents or family members.

You can see the video here from YouTube.

I’m not ready for this again people! It seemed like we just went through this not too long ago! And, with all the fighting between Republicans and Democrats, I don’t think we’ve ever been out of the loop of bad political video ads have we? At least not recently!

Romney Not Approachable

As far as Mitt Romney goes, he’s really not approachable and in fact, at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Jimmy Fallon got it right when he picked on Romney. Fallon suggested Romney wouldn’t be the best guy to hang around with because he can’t drink, he can’t have caffeine and well, he’s boring really—and not approachable. Fallon is pretty funny. You can see the entire 24 minutes of the video here.

What’s wrong with the American people being able to identify with their leader? Back in the day when Abraham Lincoln was President, the White House was extremely accessible and many slept inside various rooms—just plain old citizens, not anyone famous. Dangerous perhaps, but approachable, indeed!

Give Me a Break

Even though the 2008 election was so long ago, it does seem like enough already and it’s really just gotten to the nitty gritty!

I’m not sure I can hold on! I may not be able to watch television for a while, but then again, that’s probably a good thing. Or, if I just stick to shows like The Deadliest Catch on Discovery and Top Shot on the History Channel, I should be fine—they never seem to have political ads.

But, if I continue to watch my favorite and only reality show, Survivor on CBS, I’ll be inundated with bad political ad after bad political ad. I also won’t know who wins the show!

I’m done with all this and it’s just begun!

The thing I hate the most about these ads is they aren’t targeted toward those of us who actually pay attention to politics and what goes on in Washington D.C. but instead, they are for those who are ignorant of top issues. Or, they want the uneducated to switch their vote based on a few facts that may not even be relevant.

I’m not sure if we have a “Cool” President or not. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I feel he ruined the auto industry so it would take him knocking on my door and having a chat with me before I’d vote for him—plus I’m not a Democrat.

Actually, that might be  pretty cool. Having a beer with the President? Hmmm? I guess if he needs to find my address his staff can do that—he probably has my cell phone number too. As my husband likes to tell me, "You've been on that watch list for quite some time!" Whatever dude!

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